Cappadocia, which has hosted many civilizations in the depths of history, is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Interesting valley and rock formations, as well as an old settlement of Cappadocia in the historical aspect of the importance is to gain. The Ihlara Valley, the greenest of Cappadocia and the second longest valley in the world, has become an important religious center in the early years of Christianity. This green valley houses many churches with frescoes and paintings of the period. Another name of the Dervent Valley, famous for its fairy chimneys, is the Valley of Dreams, and the reason why it takes this name is that everyone likens these rocks to different shapes according to their imagination. The Soğanlı Valley, where the fairy chimneys have been a residential area since the Roman period, has been home to many civilizations. The Pigeon Valley, named after the man-made pigeon nests in the caves, is one of the most beautiful walking valleys of the Cappadocia region. One of the other hidden beauties, known as the Love Valley, the Bağlıdere Valley has a magnificent view with different fairy chimneys. In addition, the most beautiful fairy chimneys of the region Paşabağ Valley and the most beautiful views of the sunset in the Kızılçukur Valley must be visited.