Whirling Dervishes Ceremony - 100,00

Whirling Dervishes Ceremony takes place in Cappadocia in a specially designed place in the Sarıhan Caravanserai and takes approximately 1 hour. Our guests who attend the Whirling Dervishes Ceremony which is held every evening are taken from hotels with special vehicles and left to their hotels after the show. Sema is the return of the servant towards the truth and exalting with reason and love, leaving herself and returning to his servitude as a man of perfection who has disappeared in maturity. It is the return to all being, all creatures with a new spirit, love, and service. Whirling dervish is born for eternal realm, and truth by removing sweater spiritually, and gets in the way there. The coin at the beginning (the tombstone of his soul), the tennure that he worn (the shroud of his soul). Whirling in a cross, his arms represent the figure one, so that the Whirling Dervishes whistle God's unity, while in the Sema, his arms are open, his right hand is to the heavens as if he is praying. What you get from the righteous, the public is to spit. He is turning right and left around his heart, embracing all people, all creatures with love and love with all his heart. Whirling Dervishes Ceremony has 7 sections. Each section has a separate meaning.

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